3rd meeting in Thessaloniki


The Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATHEI) of Thessaloniki hosted the 1st international conference of the Harmony project.


The 1st international conference  of the Harmony project focusing in the” “Internationalisation of high education in EU, Russia, Belarus and Armenia: state-of the-art and common challenges” was held from 24nd till the 29th of October 2016 in Thessaloniki and 30 representatives from the consortium come together and was hosted by partner, the Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATHEI) of Thessaloniki. It was the consortium’s first conference and third workshop and included a series of talks, meetings and workshops.

The Harmony project’s main objective is the Development of approaches to harmonization of comprehensive internationalization strategies in higher education, research and innovation at EU and Partner Countries

The Harmony project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices programme which focuses on enabling organisations to work together on sharing, developing and transferring innovative practices in education between different countries.


Universities from across the EU, Armenia, Belarus and Russia as well as the Ministries of Education in Armenia, Belarus and Russia and the International Centre for innovation in Science, Technology and Education (ICISTE) in Russia take part in this initiative looking at developing internationalisation strategies in higher education, research and innovation.    

The participants looked at best practices in internationalisation strategies and explored the different structures and current approaches in place within the eight different countries represented by the consortium. The project results after the first year of implementation as well as the collaboration agreements between partners were discussed and the activities for the second year were agreed on.