1st meeting in Seville

On January 12, Mr. Rector Miguel Angel Castro Arroyo, together with the Director and Deputy Director of the International Centre, Prof. Enrique Lopez Lara and Professor Rafaela Caballero Andaluz, inaugurated in the Rectorate Offices the kick off meeting of the project Harmony. In his speech  the Rector thanked the attendees and welcomed the approval of this project by the European Commission authorities. The objective of this project, coordinated by Professor Miguel Martinez Adame, who thus consolidates and continues the execution of similar projects under the previous European program TEMPUS, is to develop the  harmonization of comprehensive internationalization strategies in higher education, research and innovation institutions of European and Eastern Countries.

Especially noteworthy is the large number of participants in the partnership led by the University of Seville from countries as far as Armenia, Belarus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom and Russia. The inaugural meeting was attended by about 30 representatives among them senior officials of the Bielorrussian and Armenian Ministries of Education, Mr. Sergey Romaniuk and Ms. Tatevik Gharibyan, Rectors; Mrs. Sviatlana Lebedzeva of the  Belarusian University BTEU, and Mr. Suren Ohanyan of Eurasia International University of Armenia, the Vice Chancellor Oleg Belenov, Lyudmila Misnikova, Hovhannes Harutyunyan; directors of the various international centers; Gabriele Gorzka, Nicole Burghardt, Maria Balashova, Wendy Yip Yee Lay, Alla Alla Batchenko and Akulshina as well as numerous officials and heads of  International Centers  and experts in the field .The meetings will continue until January 15 and will be held in English at the International Center, the Ramon y Cajal Campus and at the Rectorate.


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