Meetings and Workshops

5th Meeting in Yerevan

Workshop on “Internationalization of Higher Education: Trends and Challenges” at Russian-Armenian University On September 28, 2017 Russian-Armenian University hosted more than 60 experts on internationalization of higher education from Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Spain and UK to discuss the current trends and challenges of internationalization of HE. During the Conference participants presented the […]

4th meeting in Rome

Sapienza University of Rome (UNIROMA1) hosted the 4th workshop of the HARMONY project. Sapienza University hosted in Rome the 4th international meeting of the HARMONY – Development of approaches to harmonization of a comprehensive internationalization strategies in higher education, research and innovation at EU and Partner Countries – project, on March […]

3rd meeting in Thessaloniki

  The Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATHEI) of Thessaloniki hosted the 1st international conference of the Harmony project. The 1st international conference  of the Harmony project focusing in the” “Internationalisation of high education in EU, Russia, Belarus and Armenia: state-of the-art and common challenges” was held from 24nd till the […]

2nd meeting in Birmingham

13 May 2016 Aston University warmly welcomed fellow partners of a €894,000 Erasmus+ Harmony project onto campus last week.  A series of talks, meetings and workshops were held at the University for 27 representatives from the consortium running the Harmony project. The first day’s events included sessions delivered by the […]

1st meeting in Seville

On January 12, Mr. Rector Miguel Angel Castro Arroyo, together with the Director and Deputy Director of the International Centre, Prof. Enrique Lopez Lara and Professor Rafaela Caballero Andaluz, inaugurated in the Rectorate Offices the kick off meeting of the project Harmony. In his speech  the Rector thanked the attendees […]